Level 1-2 Introductory (Accredited by IWCF)

The objective of this course is to lay a solid foundation in well control. The U-Tube concept, gas laws, basic math skills, pressure basics, kick detection, kill sheet, drilling fluids, BOP equipment, shut-in procedures, and basic methods of well control are all covered. Upon completion of this course, participants should have a good understanding of Well Control foundation principles and will be certified by IWCF for Level 2 competency if they successfully pass the exam .

Course Contents

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5
Drilling Overview Causes of Kicks Review Homework Drill String Basics Subsea Considerations
Types of Drilling Rigs Fluid Density Kill Sheet BOP Equipment (Surface & Subsea) Well Control Review
Why Well Control Tripping Well Control Principles Simulator Demo #2 Certification Testing (IWCF)
Pressure Basics Cementing Well Control Methods Review Homework Well Control Certificates
Bottom hole Pressure Transition Zone Indicators/Kick Recognition Driller's Method BOP Design Considerations Reviews & Evaluations
Pressure Basics Continued Gas Behavior/Shallow Gas Wait & Weight Method
Drilling Fluids/Mud Gradient Leak-Off Tests Volumetric Method
Simulator Demo #1 Rig Circulating System Hydrostatic Pressure
Normal v. Abnormal Pressure Zones
U-Tube Principle
SUMMER 2018 JUNE 6/4/2018 - 6/8/2018
FALL 2018 SEPTEMBER 9/10/2018 - 9/14/2018
SPRING 2019 MARCH 3/4/2019 - 3/8/2019
Description# of ParticipantsQtyUnit Rate ($)Total Cost (USD)
Certification Fee 1 1 $800.00 $800.00
Course Material, Assessment and Invigilation Fee 1 1 $560.00 $560.00
Class Room Course Instruction 1 10 $550.00 $5500.00
Certification Cost Per Student for two weeks Program $6,860.00
Minimum Enrollment 12
Maximum Enrollment 15