Accurate fluid sampling and analysis are keys to optimizing the profitability of an oil or gas field. At HPO Global Resources we specialize in reservoir fluids sampling, using state-of the-art tools and techniques to deliver safe, reliable, and accurate sampling and analysis results. We are also positioned to provide detailed onsite and laboratory-based pressure, volume, and temperature (PVT) studies. Collection, analysis, and proper interpretation of representative samples are crucial to developing the needed understanding of a hydrocarbon type, reserve and determining its economic viability.


Physical properties and chemical composition of reservoir fluids play a crucial role in all aspects of petroleum and reservoir engineering. Accurate sampling and analysis techniques provide critical input to reservoir simulation models and help to optimize processing facility designs while boosting the profitability of an oil or gas field. A physical sample of the reservoir fluid is also crucial to undertaking an assay. An essay is imperative for defining the monetary value of a hydrocarbon reserve, as it helps to define how the reserve will be produced, processed, and transported.


Our integrated approach to reservoir fluids sampling and analysis provides a comprehensive solution for reservoir characterization. Moreover, it gives a valuable insight needed to maximize the value of your assets.



We provide dynamic visualization of seismic stratigraphy and geomorphology on acquired datasets.


We provide simulation of validated geophysical and geomorphology models using customized algorithms and next generation techniques.

Noise Attenuation

We provide a suite of tools to remove coherent and random noise in land and marine seismic data, including wind and swell noise, mud roll, ambient noise, and seismic interference.

Velocity Model and Building Updates

Algorithms and workflows that address all acquisition configurations and geologies.

Multi Component Processing

A comprehensive array of algorithms and workflows to maximize the value of your multicomponent data, whether traditional 2C/PZ data from an ocean-bottom cable or PS data from mode-converted shear waves.


Formation Damage

Formation damage occurs when wellbore fluids used during...

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Integrated Reservoir Studies

An integrated project management approach...

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Environmental Studies and Assessment

Reduce risk, increase sustainability and mitigate environment...

Reservoir Engineering & Simulation

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